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Welcome to Dragonfly Europe

We are the primary supplier of Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) products throughout UK and Europe. Dragonfly Europe also prides itself with only supplying products and brands that we like after having tried and tested them ourselves. We feel the organic products on this site are useful to all growers – from large scale organic farmers & gardeners, and allotment growers, right the way to grow-your-own veg households.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is dedicated to pure organics. Highly respected in the USA and Canada for producing micronised blends of herbs, bacteria, humates, and Endo-Mycorrhizae. DEM believe that pure medicine, means just that. They do not work with synthetics, animal products or fad ingredients. DEM work with 100% organic or wildcrafted, human grade, bio-stimulant herbs, bacterias and endo-mycorrhizae. Their compost tea brew inoculants are brought to you from 20 years of Organic, Natural Farming/Soil Microbiology experience and another 25 years of Traditional Herbal studies. DEM garden products are a superfood immune boost for your soils and plants.

Dragonfly Europe stock and supply the complete Dragonfly Earth Medicine range of garden products consisting of: Lush Roots 840, Radiant Green, Fat Flowers, Natural Mistik and Brilliant Black.